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 Alan D. Lasker, DDS, PC
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
1507 Route 202, Pomona, NY 10970
845 354-3388


Everything Good  Starts With A Smile!


Keep Your Teeth


The keys to keeping your teeth for a lifetime are prevention and regular dental visits.  Any of the millions of denture wearers around the world will tell you if they had it to do over they would take better care of their teeth.  Many dental problems are truly preventable and any problem caught early is less involved and less expensive to take care of.  We emphasize prevention and home care instruction and will tailor a plan for your particular needs.


A Great Smile

Everyone remembers a great smile.  Everyone also remembers a not so great smile.  An attractive smile is an important social asset and can be a factor in a successful career.  We have changed and enhanced many smiles with whitening, porcelain laminates, ceramic crowns, and bonding.  It is very rewarding to have our patients tell us their lives have changed in so many ways because of their new confidence.

Stay Healthy

Dentistry isn't just about teeth anymore.  Recent studies show links between oral health and heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues.  See FAQ's for more information on how regular dental visits can add years to your life.


We Can Help You Stay Healthy, Feel Good, and Look Great!


1507 Route 202  •  Pomona, NY  10970  •  Phone  845.354.3388